We are pleased to announce that, Henry Lopez Polanco, is the winning contestant of the Apple I-Pad Giveaway, here at Esthetix Dental Spa, and here’s how he did It.!

Henry Polanco was in search of a Dental Office, one that would care and provide to his every dental needs and concerns, one that offered painless dentistry and valued customer service, one that would give him a chance to smile & be himself again. As Henry was reading through el especialito newspaper, he came across Esthetix Dental Spa, and took interest because Esthetix dental had offered everything Henry has been looking for. So, He called our office and scheduled his free consultation and we did the rest for Henry.

We asked Henry a few questions and he said we could gladly share his answers with the rest of you. And here is how…..So Henry!

Q. ” Henry ! What made you enter the Apple I Pad giveaway at Esthetix Dental?

“ Well ,I basically entered myself, I came to EDS to change my smile, so I signed up for a treatment plan to best help me fix my dental problems. Esthetix Dental offers many payment plan options to help you get your dental work undergoing. My total amount to my treatment was a pretty penny, but a payment option over time and with NO interest, I was able to put down a large down payment that would enter me a spot in the sweepstakes to win the I pad.

Here at Esthetix Dental Spa we can change your life, change the way you feel, and all of it starts with changing the way you smile. If you have no teeth, we can give you a full set of permanent teeth with Implants.

We know you’re tired of living as someone else, let us help you like we helped Henry, so you can go out and be yourself. Smile!