Elsa This superstar patient is far beyond amazing, she outstanding. Elsa Vargas, At Esthetix Dental Spa Patient for quite some time now, is living life to the fullest with her smile makeover & new and improved teeth.

Elsa started became a patient of Esthetix back in 2011, after being referred by her daughter. Coming into our office for a regular check up, x-rays, exams and cleaning, Elsa found our office to be very clean and well organized. Our staff and dental assistants went up and far beyond their duties to make sure Elsa’s visits were tremendous.

Elsa came to Esthetix Dental with a plan, Dentist 10032 at Esthetix Dental Spa goals and dreams. Her plan was to keep Esthetix Dental as her primary dental office, her goals was to fix her dental problems before they had gotten worst, and her dream was to have a beautiful white smile for all to see.

After putting together a treatment plan that best suited Elsa, she met with Dr. Philomin and Dr. Divya where her dreams were beginning to unfold in front of her eyes, and before Elsa could notice, she had her new teeth!

Here at Esthetix Dental we do more then just help change smiles, we help change lives. We are here for you, the Patient, so go ahead….. Say: “Cheese”..