You may have heard or read about tooth whiteners in magazine and newspaper ads, “infomercials” and radio announcements. But how do you know which product is right for you?

When you smile, you want to smile with confidence, joy, and feel good about the way you smile. Now you can! Here at Esthetix Dental Spa we offer several options to help you best reach that Hollywood smile you always dreamed of.

One option is, in-office Whiting, which is usually done inside a dental office. In-office procedure are completed in about a hour. In-office whitening products are much more stronger then the take home bleach product. Also a special light is required. Another option is a take home bleaching kit or whitening pen, even whitening strips. These type of whitening products are often sold over the counter. Some of these products require tray or some are applied by a rinse. Whitening pen are simple and easy to use, and can produce great results. No matter which product you choose, just know your smile is what make you, you & a smile last a lifetime.