Is Your Tongue Really the Source of Bad Breath?

People of all ages know that brushing your teeth daily is essential. Additionally, we are taught to floss and rinse thoroughly as well. However, many adults and children often neglect one essential part of the oral cavity: the tongue. The tongue has many functions, it is the way we speak and distribute saliva. It is important to protect this vital organ by cleaning it and protecting it properly because your tongue can be the real source of your bad breath problem.

You Have A Dirty Mouth!

The mouth is full of various types of bacteria. In fact, the tongue is the one organ which has the largest quantity of bacteria in all of the mouth. You may you think you are a smooth talker, but your tongue may be full of dangerous bacteria and germs. When we drink beverages and consume meals and snacks, the tongue absorbs all of these particles and creates a substance called biofilm. Biofilm is made of tiny, microscopic organisms which can be very harmful to the surrounding structures of the mouth.

We Have Found The Tongue Source Of Bad Breath!

Many individuals suffer from chronic bad breath. They brush, rinse and floss daily but are still unsure as to why they need a mint every couple of hours or before facing coworkers or friends.  Well, the answer usually lies on the tongue. Bacteria form and collect in tiny pockets within the tongue and often even cause the tongue to appear rough or white. It is important to try scrubbing the tongue thoroughly with each brushing to find the root of the halitosis (or unpleasant breath).

If you bad breath persists, it is important to see your dental professional. He can evaluate your teeth, gums and tongue to determine where the issue truly lies.