Why should I get dental implants and why do I need them at all?

There are many reasons to consider getting dental implants. Firstly, your natural teeth may be compromised up to the verge of falling out. We all know that in today’s day and age, aesthetics of a smile plays an important role, as it is often people’s first impression of us. There is much information that can be gathered simply by looking at one’s teeth and Dentists of Washington Heights would like to make sure that you are giving off the best vibes!

So, why should I get dental implants? – Because, when placed correctly, they are considered the “next best thing” after natural teeth. This is because they help support surrounding structures, improve your smile and give you the ability to speak and eat normally. Additionally, they are the best long term solution for problematic or damaged natural tooth enamel, with very little maintenance needed.

Why should I get dental implants? – The biggest benefit that they offer is a stress-free life, when it comes to dental care. Dentists of Washington Heights will come up with an easy comprehensive plan which will benefit your health and longevity. This will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite foods and beverages, without having to worry about sensitivity or breakage. There is nothing worse than biting into something and realizing that it’s time to call the dentist, but it’s much better to be worry-free!

Why do I need dental implants? – One of the biggest fears that patients have about compromised teeth is the possibility of developing cavities, which can later turn into further complications. Thankfully, implants make the formation of cavities virtually impossible if the surrounding teeth and gums are properly cared for. Although you still practice your daily oral hygiene, your susceptibility to dental disease significantly decreases!

Traditional dentures are very popular, however dental implants have many further benefits. Dentures have the ability to move within the mouth if not secured properly.  Additionally, many patients report that they may not look as natural as modern-day implants. Patients should be given the most healthy, natural-looking, low maintenance smile as possible!